Privacy Policy

Data Policy: Korhaan.comís Sequencer application does not collect or publish any personal information. All save files, configuration settings, as well as any imported audio remain on the device. If you would like any more information, please feel free to send an email to

SkyDrive Access (Windows Phone 8 Only): The window phone 8 version has optional SkyDrive features, and if you decide to use them, requires permissions to your Skydrive account. These permissions are needed if you want to use the following SkyDrive enabled features:

- Creating a folder "SequencerData/Export" in your SkyDrive account to enable export of songs to wav file
- Creating a folder "SequencerData/Import" in your SkyDrive account to enable import of Sample packs
- Exporting created audio loops your SkyDrive
- Importing sample packs from SkyDrive into the app for your use
- Allowing sample packs that you choose to download into the app to continue in the background.

Error Reporting (Windows 8 Only):
- Sequencer uses BugSense for crash reports as way to learn what causes the app to fail and to proactively address bugs. The information sent doesn't include personal info, just program related info that lead to any app crashes.
Sequencer is currently available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Android
Windows 8 app in Windows Store
Windows Phone app in Windows Phone Marketplace (WP Free Version)
Pro Windows Phone 8 app in Windows Phone Marketplace (WP8 Pro Version)
Android app on Google Play
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