Sequencer Import and Export Features (WP8 Pro)

To download samples into Sequencer, you must first create or have a sample pack ready to download. All a sample pack is, is a .zip file that contains uncompressed wave files. This the most common format you will get samples in when buying them from a store, or downloading royalty free samples from the web. There are two ways you can download sample packs into the app, via a URL, or via SkyDrive.

To Download Via URL:
- Open your phone’s web browser, and search for a sample pack on the web, the file must have a ".zip" extension.
- Once you find a sample pack you want to download, press and hold on the link, this will bring up a context menu
- Select “copy link” to copy the link to the zip file into the clipboard
- Open the Sequencer App, and in the main screen click the transfer button (Up and down arrows)
- Tap Import Sample Packs
- URL Import mode will be selected by default, so just paste the link in the text box, then click the “Import" button

To Download Via SkyDrive:
- Sequencer will look for sample packs in your SkyDrive, in folder “Sequencer Data\Import.” So this will need to be setup before you can import from SkyDrive. In your root SkyDrive folder, create a new folder “Sequencer Data”. In that folder, create a new folder named “Import”.
- Copy any sample packs you want to download into the “Import” folder.
- Open the Sequencer App, and in the main screen click the transfer button
- Tap Import Sample Packs
- Tap the “SkyDrive Import” tab, and then tap the “Sign In” button on the right to connect to SkyDrive
- The app will then search the “Import” folder for any available sample packs. Which one to download can be selected from the list picker.
- Tap “Import” to start downloading the sample pack.
Sequencer is currently available on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Android
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